FitoDerm™ Ingredients

FitoDerm™ is an absolutely unique potent formulation which combines the most effective herbal and plant extracts acting on the core reasons of acne and other skin problems. Every capsule contains the following ingredients:

Emblica officinalis:

Is also known as amla. Primarily purifies blood, reduces constipation and enhances digestion.

Rubia cordifolia:

A herb that possesses blood purifying properties and throws out toxins from the blood. It helps to heal the tissues of skin that are injured or infected.

Acacia catechu:

Used for overall skin care. It possesses anti-oxidant properties that help to keep skin wrinkle-free. It is also anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-allergic.

Berberis aristata:

A laxative and anti-inflammatory. It also possesses antipyretic, anti-septic and stomachic properties.

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After taking just a two month course of FitoDerm™ my acne stopped and I don't need to buy any other skin cleansing products anymore. My skin is looking excellent and rejuvenated now.

- Deja Jackson , NY

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